Cosmetology for the Homebound


Cosmetology for the Homebound is an important component of caregiving.

Your loved one may no longer be able to leave the home for cosmetology and barbering services, whether these services are hair styling, applying makeup, manicures, etc. Be aware that in home services are available. These in home services should meet the same health and safety guidelines as those required by law for outside establishments.

We found a brief review of standards for cosmetology at this website by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.
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We like the way this particular website at has condensed important information into a fact sheet that proivdes information about what should be universal standards of care. Please take a look at it and also review what standards are required by your particular state. More information…

Of course, we cannot recommend any particular in home service. What we have done, however, is asked this nonprofit agency, the American Association of Cosmetology Services, to direct us to where one can get information of in home service providers as well as information on whether these providers have met government health and safety standards for providing in home cosmetology standards. As soon as we get this information, we’ll relay it to you. More information…

Helping the elderly and the disabled to independently manage their appearance helps them to maintain their self esteem. Proper lighting, proper tools and proper mirrors are essential to providing cosmetology for the homebound. Some products listed below may be useful.

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