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by admin on March 23, 2014

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Bath Lifts For The Elderly

Why Buy A Bath Lift?

If you have an elderly loved one who lives in your home or their own and needs assistance moving around, having mobility assistance machines such as automated wheelchairs and stair lifts help make life easier for them. Bath lifts also help them when they need to access the tub. Bath lifts help an elderly person avoid a slip and fall that could happen if the floor is wet. A fall for your loved one could cause fatal injuries and by installing a bath lift in the bathroom for them, the risk of a fall significantly decreases. It also gives them the freedom to access the tub without needing your assistance to help them in.

Features Of A Bath Lift

•Rechargeable battery that has a life of about 10 lifts. Usually the battery can be recharged very quickly so that the chair can be used as often as your loved one needs it.
•Emergency stop procedure that stops the chair if the battery fails in mid air and prevents the chair from suddenly falling and causing an accident.
•The chair also has reclining controls if the user needs to lean the chair back for any reason.
•A light yet strong and durable seat that can easily be cleaned and folded when not in use.
•Some lifts come with a remote control that can be used to power on and off as well as move.

Bath lifts help to provide a safe and reliable lifestyle for your loved ones that still gives them a sense of independence. They are also easy to install and maintain so why not browse through our shops? Considering order a bath lift from us as a gift to your loved one.

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Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift


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