Reclining Wheelchairs

by admin on March 22, 2014

Adaptive Shops offers a high quality selection of recliner or reclining wheelchairs from brand names such as Drive recliner wheelchairs and Medline recliner wheelchairs and Sentral reclining wheelchairs.

If your loved one is no longer able to sit comfortably. Medical issues such as back pain or muscle weakness may make it uncomfortable or impossible to sit for an extended period of time. Some individuals heads flop uncomfortably forward while sitting in the full upright position. Reclining wheelchairs allow easier neck positioning and better comfort.
Reclining wheelchairs satisfy the needs of these individuals. These chairs have high backs. Reclining wheelchairs allow different levels of adjustment from 90 degrees reclining; some can be positioned in the sleep position at 180 degrees. Recliner back setting are operated from someone positioned in the back of the wheelchair. The foot rests and arm rests adjust with the level of reclining. The backs are locked into place with handbrakes.
It may be easier make a transfer patient to a bed from the e=recliner position. It also may be easier to catheterize a patient in a reclining wheelchair. Some individuals who have low blood pressure in the upright position (orthostatic hypotenion) may benefit from a reclining wheelchair.
Accessories may be added to these wheelchairs such as trays and padded arm and padded leg rests,Head immobilizers and removable headrests. In addition, reclining wheelchairs are available as rigid or folding recliners which can fold for storage and transport.

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