Sewing Aids for the elderly

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Activities for the Homebound – Adaptive Sewing Aids

Caregivers, you may remember the beautiful crocheted afghans or baby blankets that your loved one used to make. We found web caring solutions for the disabled or elderly in our care who are no longer able to pursue cherished hobbies such as sewing because of poor vision or poor hand coordination due to strokes or arthritis. We found practical sewing aids that allow them to continue with their lifelong sewing hobbies despite their handicaps.

We found:

Sewing machine operated by hand or mouth/ developed by Bed Handles, Inc. in conjunction with Singer Sewing Company. Learn more…

The Lighthouse for the Blind has an excellent selection of sewing aids. They include:

Rake knitters and
Large print measuring tape
Adjustable top stitch and seam guides which fit any machine with standard screw whole attachment
Ez-in needle traders
Floss traders for threading the sewing machine
Magnetic adjustable seam guides
Self threading needles for hand sewing and machine needles
Big eye needles
Low vision rulers

Learn more… has a section dedicated to the elderly and disabled which include sewing and craft projects.

Large hook crochet needles, indicated by the higher numbers on the package and jumbo needles are available in most craft stores and are useful for those with low vision and arthritis who can no longer make fine products that require fine stitches but who would like to crochet bulky items. These crochet hooks can be found in craft stores as well as large chains like Wal-Mart.

Adaptive scissors
Modified scissors are indispensable sewing aids. They are available for those with arthritis or weak grasps. They include mounted table top scissors, self opening scissors, easy grip scissors, many of which can be found at Wright Stuff. Learn more…

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Mounted Table Top Scissors


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Long Loop Easi Grip Scissors


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Easy Grip Scissors

Easy Grip Scissors


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We found activities and fun products for the elderly, homebound or disabled. Please visit our adaptive shops…