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by admin on October 16, 2015

Adaptive Shops displays an affordable selection of printable games for the elderly and homebound. These inexpensive, portable games encourage social interaction and provide both fun and mental stimulation in small and large group settings, including nursing homes. These games are ice breakers at senior parties. Many topics jog the memory and offer take off points for informal discussions beginning with the words “I remember when…..”. When the game gets really rolling, often the pencils are forgotten and the right answers, the wrong answers and the crazy answers are shouted out which only adds to the fun.

Printable themes include TV and movie trivia, bingo, bible trivia, history trivia, over the hill moments and many more selections. Seasonal games that reflect holidays such as New Years or Thanksgiving or Mother’s Day are popular purchases. These printable games can be selected for the appropriate level of cognitive function. The crowd favorite among all of our printable games has been bingo but TV trivia has been a close second.

These printable games are also useful to take along and use on travel days, especially during long waits at the airport. These are inexpensive, require no batteries or electricity or heavy lifting and pack a lot of enjoyment in a little space.

Take a look at our popular selection of printable games and see for yourself what enjoyable products they are.

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