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Reviewing and assembling scrapbooks provide hours of pleasure for the elderly or homebound. Adaptive Shops displays a wonderful selection of scrapbooks.

There are a growing number of elderly people that are enjoying taking up the hobby of scrap-booking. Scrap-booking is a way for a person to create a piece of art with their memories for all to see. Scrapbooks can be created using inexpensive using materials:

•Old Newspaper Clippings
•Ribbon and Yawn
•Construction Paper

Inexpensive tools can be purchased at many local hobby shops and department stores. These tools include:

•Glue Stick

Some elderly people that have arthritis may not be able to use conventional scissors; adaptive scissors displayed on our website may be a more viable option for these people so that they can cut out the photographs and newspaper clippings themselves without having to rely on someone else. Some of the utensils that will make scrap-booking easier for those elderly who may suffer from debilitating conditions such as arthritis are inclusive kits and stamp pads.

•Making Memories Tool Kit
•ColorBox Pigment Ink Stamp Pad

You may wish to celebrate scrapbooks with inscribed themes. For example, these scrapbooks displayed below revolve around a military theme:

Other popular scrapbook themes include the joys of travel, grandparenthood and sports.

We have a selection of fun scrapbooks below. The elderly will enjoy this colorful and unique way to display and celebrate memories of pleasant times in their lives with their families and friends.

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