Sewing Aids

by admin on April 6, 2014

Adaptive Shops offers high quality Sewing Aids to help those who suffer from homebound disabilities and the elderly to improve on everyday activities and make life easier.

Aching joints may hamper every day fun activities such as sewing. Sewing aids are available that allow one to continue this pleasurable activity.

Self threading needles provide double benefits for the vision impaired or for the disabled with diminished hand dexterity. These needles reduce the struggle to find and insert thread into the tiny needle eye. The lighted needled threader adds that triple bonus, providing light in low light areas. Take a look also at our needle threader magnifiers which are our customer favorites. Our sewing machine magnifier is an excellent sewing aid which magnifies the field of vision in the small sewing area of the sewing machine. This sewing aid is appreciated by sewers and quilters alike.

Comfort grip scissors are essential sewing aids. Take a look at our selection of comfortable fit, ergonomic scissors.

Consider magnifier tasks lamps that clip onto the bedside or wheelchair table. These are excellent sewing aids for sewing, knitting and crocheting.

A fantastic product is the sewing center which allows room for pressing the fabric and storing essential tools such as scissors within hands reach. This is a customer favorite also.

The embroidery hoop is a wonderful sewing aid which allows one to perform delicate knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and darning, all with the use of only one hand. A flexible gooseneck allows one to position the work area to your satisfaction.
Browse through our selection below. We are confident that you will find sewing aids that will allow you to continue your sewing hobby comfortably.

Embroidery Hoop Holder

Embroidery Hoop Holder


The Embroidery Hoop Holder helps make one-handed needlework easy. T… [Read more]

Daylight Company U23020-01 Daylight Table Top Craft Lamp White

Daylight Company U23020-01 Daylight Table Top Craft Lamp White

$150.61  $111.56

The New Daylight U23020-01 table top lamp has been designed with yo… [Read more]

Dritz 53 Needle Threader and Magnifier-3 in. With 1 in. Lens

Dritz 53 Needle Threader and Magnifier-3 in. With 1 in. Lens

$9.44  $6.99

DRITZ-Needle Threader w/ Magnifier. This package contains a 1in mag… [Read more]

Dritz 80392 Machine Needle Inserter & Threader

Dritz 80392 Machine Needle Inserter & Threader

$12.34  $9.14

DRITZ-Machine Needle Insert and Threader. This needle inserter hold… [Read more]

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