Diabetes Supplies

by admin on March 29, 2014

Diabetes Supplies

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes causes more deaths per year than breast cancer and AIDS combined–a terrifying statistic when you consider that almost 30% of all people 65 and older have diabetes. Luckily, there are diabetes supplies that help to manage and to treat diabetes to ensure a healthy and long life.

The most important diabetes supplies include:
•Glucose Meter Kits – These kits allow diabetics to check their glucose levels to ensure that their glucose levels are within normal, healthy ranges. Without these critical meters, diabetics have no way of knowing what their glucose levels are. Without knowing what their glucose levels are, diabetics have no way of knowing when they need insulin or other medicines.
•Blood Glucose Test Strips – These test strips are refills for the glucose meters. While the glucose meter kits come with test strips, it’s important that diabetics always have a good supply of strips to always be prepared.
Lancets – These lancets are used for blood-sampling for the glucose meters. With varying thicknesses to adjust the depth of skin penetration, these lancets ensure that the minimum amount of blood is drawn for each testing. Safe disposal of needles and sharps used in diabetes management can be obtained by purchasing sharps containers for home use.

Regardless of the brand of diabetes supplies ordered, these supplies are vital to diabetics to ensure health and safety. Without these supplies, diabetics can become another dismal statistic from catastrophic complications. With these diabetic supplies, diabetics can lead healthier lives. Books from reputable sources abound which offer advice on preparing healthy meals and provide basic information about the disease. The National Institute of Health (with its Medline Plus section provides superb information for the lay person about the disease and drugs used to treat the disease.

Make sure you and your diabetic loved ones are prepared with basic diabetic supplies.

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